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  • Meet Luca

Luca Mencarini is a renowned professional hairstylist in the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe. A native from Rome, he began his career as a student at the prestigious hairstyling school Tony and Guy Academy in London. After six years of mastering the latest European hairstyles and trends, Luca purchased the Tony and Guy Academy in Italy and renamed it Alternativa Accademy.

His outstanding reputation in managing and directing the academy, teaching students, organizing and performing hair styling seminars and shows eventually led him to the United States, where he interned at the prestigious Ugo di Roma salon in Coconut Grove, Florida.

An enthusiast for natural beauty, Luca was the artistic director of Simply Organic, a product line that shares his natural lifestyle view. Inspired by that experience, he created Go Natural Go Luca, his specialized hair and skincare product line, which he uses at his private salon offering a unique way of enhancing natural beauty without any harsh chemicals.

Luca’s talent is recognized by an extensive list of exclusive clients and celebrities in the upscale Miami scene. Since 2000 Luca opened several salons in South Florida and South America.

During his years as a natural beauty expert, Luca has developed a passion for photography. So, in 2016 Luca started a parallel carrier in photography. He specializes in boudoir, fashion, portraits, and corporate photography. The same year Luca decided to go back to Coral Gables, where he opened a unique Salon-Photo Studio. He is always innovating and using the latest styling techniques. He still travels often to Latin America and the Caribbean to work with an exclusive clientele.