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Luca Mencarini

Luca Mencarini was born in Rome. He began his career as a student at the renowned Tony and Guy Academy of London. There he received his teaching credentials. His innate passion for teaching led him to open his own hairdresser academy.
In 1990, Luca purchased the Tony and Guy Academy in Italy and renamed it Alternativa Accademia. Luca was artistic director for Ugo Di Roma.
In 1994 he came to the United States bringing his passion and quest with him.
Through the years, Luca has worked styling for countless photo shoots fashion shows and seminars in Europe and the Americas.
In 2000, Luca established Luca Salon in Coral Gables, Florida.
In 2001 he become the Artistic Director for the Simply Organic product line, which shares his personal view of a natural lifestyle.
In 2004, Luca created a specialised hair and skin care product line named gonaturalgoluca. Since then, he has been traveling throughout Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and Mexico.
In 2008,opened a private salon in South Beach.
In 2010 he began writing as a beauty expert for Venue Magazine.